Global NFT Automatic Investment Platform

Fully automated Platform enabling selction of top value
NFTs around the world with strong long-term potential


The goal of NFCore is to invest in the very best
and most promising NFTs traded around the world.

Countless NFTs are traded everyday, and some of them break the All time
high attracting worldwide attention, but many disappear overnight.

NFCore allows you to immediately invest in the most promising
and profitable NFTs by immediate checking the most essential info.
of the ever-changing NFT market.

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Consensus Node

nfcr consensus node

NFCore brings NFT investment info.
from around the world into my hands in real time

By sharing NFT info. by market participants on the blockchain in real time, the blockchain
consensus enables investors to realize the best returns from trading NFTs.

Through integrating real-time popular and current NFT market prediction info.
provided directly by market participants of both human and machine,
NFCore goes beyond the level of simply providing info.

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Hyper Connected in

  • hyper_ic1

    Real-time global
    NFT Market Status

    With ERC721 solution, you can receive real-time info. collected from major NFT platforms around the world by API and check the hottest and most promising NFTs and creators in the global NFT market.

  • hyper_ic2

    Real-time Most Promising
    NFT Ranking

    You can check the NFTs drawing most attention and top price increase as a result of this data analysis. Similar to buying coins over-the-counter before listing, you can have the most promising NFT before taking off.

  • hyper_ic3

    True Tokenomics for

    The Consensus at NFCore goes beyond automated NFT investment info. as it offers refined data based on info. submitted by creators, buyers, and the NFT marketplaces in real time.


NFCR coin is a next-generation technology protocol implemented
through multi-block chains of ERC20 and ERC721.

  • Token Sale
  • Community Reward
  • NFT Partners
  • Global Marketing
  • Team
  • 60,000,000 NFCR 20%
  • 150,000,000 NFCR 50%
  • 30,000,000 NFCR 10%
  • 30,000,000 NFCR 10%
  • 30,000,000 NFCR 10%
  • NFCore

    Token Name

  • NFCR


  • 300,000,000NFCR

    Total Issuance

NFCR Roadmap

2021 Q2

Business R&D

2021 Q3

Partnership with
NFT marketplace

2021 Q4

White Paper 1.0 ver

2022 Q1

NFCore wallet

2022 Q2

NFCore global
exchange listed

2022 Q3

Extending NFCore
global partnerships

2022 Q4

Autonomous NFT
Platform launching

2023 Q1

NFCore list on more
global exchange

2023 Q2

Autonomous NFTPlatform
global expansion

2022 Q3

Expand the NFT
trading category

2022 Q3

NFT Exchange spin-off
and expansion


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Additional listing of NFCore

To meet the expectations of many holders, NFcore has completed an additional listing of NFCR/USDT pair on a global exchange! This additional listed exchange is Digifinex (digifinex.com), a traditional exchange that has been operating in the blockchain market for a considerable period of time It has a high influence, with daily transactions reaching about 300 billion won.

We would like to inform you that we will continue to make efforts for the development of NFcore business.

NFCore foundation

Link to the listed exchange